You might be wondering why you should invest in translation. Here’s why.

  • Internationalization

Nowadays, the Internet rules. It also happens to be a global network in which everyone can access the rest of the world, which allows us to become known beyond our own borders, so why not grab the opportunity? There’s just a tiny obstacle: the language. Even though English is the international language used in all areas of life (such as science and research, business and even music), there are still many people who can’t speak it, and many of those are Spanish speaking people. Today, it is estimated that there are around 414 million Spanish/Castilian native speakers*. By translating your contents you’ll expand your scope and target market to Spain and all the countries in Latin America.

*Statistic data from Ethnologue: Languages of the World (

  • Brand improvement

Media published in more than one language instill professionalism, know-how and, most importantly, interest in getting closer to their target groups. For instance, as a Spanish metalhead I’d feel much appreciated if big international festival organizers included a Spanish version of their websites. That would mean they have their fans in mind and that they’re willing to do their best to reach out to us. Similarly, this would also apply for media, promoters or labels who’d like to get in touch with Spanish bands.


  • Contribution to the international metal scene

I’ll get a little sentimental here. What would our lives look like without an international metal scene? What if there weren’t people able to allow communication between bands, fans, promoters and managers from different countries? I can’t imagine a metal community in Spain without the influence of Iron Maiden, D.I.O. or Black Sabbath to name the classics, but either without Kreator, Pantera or Blind Guardian, which are bands that have personally made a significant impact on me. In the end, it’s more sentimental than anything―it’s all about enriching a metal culture that means so much to us, a contribution that will always remain.


  • Qualified service

You might have contacts that speak Spanish more or less fluently, but sometimes that’s not enough. In order to make an impression on Spanish speakers, content must be correctly written from a grammar, punctuation and semantic point of view, but let’s not forget about style―it needs to convey a natural flair and be pleasant to read, using expressions native speakers use. As a client, I like to be treated professionally by competent people who know their stuff, and I also like to know that, thanks to that, I’ll get the optimal service I’m expecting. That’s exactly what I offer. A qualified translator can accurately analyze your needs, has a quick decision and response capability and works efficiently. In a nutshell, they make your life easier. My services are aimed at people who take their jobs seriously as well as mine.


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