Who Am I?

My profession: translator and proofreader from English and German into Spanish.
My passion: music, and more precisely, metal. My areas of specialization, either because of my work experience or because of my academic education, are essentially the technical, medical and marketing fields. However, to me the truest specialization of all is metal, because it stems from personal interest and passion, from beliefs and principles, because it’s a way of life that will be with me forever.

I growl in a melodic death metal band (among other influences, we all know how genre tags work) from Barcelona, Spain, although I originally come from a small town called Albacete. I love discovering new bands and I’ve written reviews on metal albums and events. I enjoy shows and festivals like no one else; I sing and live my favorite songs as if nobody was watching, and I feel like I’m part of a very special community that grants me invaluable moments.

That’s why I want to use my passion to expand the metal scene so that it reaches out to many more people. My way for such contribution is through my profession, and by doing what I do best—translating.

Almudena López
Almudena LópezTranslator, writer & musician